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How to Eat Sushi Properly! Fort Worth Sushi Restaurant Gives Tips | MK's Sushi

Are you eating sushi the wrong way? Though the “right way” should just be how you best enjoy it, there is traditional sushi eating etiquette that you should follow if you visit a sushi restaurant in Japan. And though sushi in America has evolved quite drastically from sushi in Japan, in our opinion, sticking to a few of these sushi etiquette tips can still absolutely enhance your enjoyment of eating sushi anywhere!

How to Eat Sushi Properly:

Eat with your hands! Use clean hands to pick up sushi -- But use chopsticks to pick up sashimi (slices of fish with no rice) and ginger.

Dip nigiri fish-side down to add just a touch of soy sauce, and avoid having the soy sauce touch the rice. This also helps prevent rice from falling into the dish!

Wasabi is already between the fish and rice in nigiri style sushi so you should not need more, but if you want to add extra, dab just a tiny bit on top of the fish. (Foodies prefer not to mix real wasabi with soy sauce as they believe it changes the delicate flavor of wasabi, but it is quite common to mix the two in casual sushi restaurants, even in Japan.)

Place the nigiri fish-down on your tongue when you eat -- This way, you taste the full freshness and flavor of the fish!

Eat ginger between pieces of sushi, not while you still have sushi in your mouth. The ginger is meant to be a palate cleanser between different types of sushi.

Eat the sushi piece all in one bite -- This can be particularly difficult or even impossible with larger American style sushi rolls such as the popular Dragon Roll, and is meant for smaller, traditional pieces of sushi like nigiri and simple maki rolls.

And last but not least: Enjoy every single bite of your sushi!

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